Non Dairy Creamer

Non Dairy Creamer Vina Creamer

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a. Product description

- Excellent free flowing powder

- Versatile with good solubility and wetability

- Improves the whitening effect in beverages

- Mask the bitterness and other odd tastes

- Enhances the exquisite aroma, smooth and creamy texture of beverages

- Provides a richer mouthfeel

b. Nutrition value

- Fat content: 33-37%

- Protein content: 1-3%

c. Source of oil: Palm

d. Applications: Hot beverages (coffee, tea), milk tea, beverages, cereal meal, bakery, candy, ice cream, seasonings, etc.

e. Packaging: 25kg in multi-layer kraft paper bag with PE liner

f. Shelf life: 24 months

g. Storage condition: Dry and cool place