Cereal Flake

Oat flakes

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-          Nutritional cereal flakes with oat supplement, provides a valuable nutrition, especially for those who with heart disease. Oat cereal flake can improve skin and make body more beautiful.
Oat has many benefits, such as: antacid, anti-constipation, stimulating appetite, height development, prevention of breast cancer, cardiovascular, avoid neurasthenia, whitening the skin and strengthen immune system.
Halal certificate, non-GMO certificate
Allergens information: The product contains raw materials from wheat, oat, barley, soy.
Packaging: 10 kgs/carton
Shelf life : 6 months from manufacturing date under storage condition
Storage condition: Store at cool, dry and clean area, away from direct sunlight

Usage guidelines:
 Applied for cereal beverages, cereal confectionery

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