Stabilizer Prosol ® Yomix

Hotline: (+84) 8 5411 9933
a. Product description:
- Powder form product, easy to use and storage
- Applied for all kinds of stir/set yogurt 

b. Properties:
- Create fine and smooth structure for yogurt
- Reduce syneresis during distribution and storage, therefore increase the product stability during shelf life
-  Reduce foaming during processing

c. Application:
- Applied for products:
Set yogurt
Stirred yogurt
Aloe-vera yogurt, coconut milk yogurt, goat milk yogurt, etc.
- Recommended usage level: 0.69-0.75%

d. Packaging: 25kg in multi-layer Kraft paper bag with PE liner.

e. Shelf life: 24 months

f. Storage condition: Dry and cool place

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