Banana sweet soup

- A bunch of ripe banana
- 200g Non dairy creamer (A Creamer or Vina Creamer)
- Tapioca powder or pearl powder
- Roasted Peanut without peel or roasted sesame
- Sweet potato or Tapioca, diced
- 2000ml water

- Peeling a bunch of banana, put all in bowl  
- Spinkling sugar and a little salt to make your sweet soup more delicious, shaking all ingredients about 2 mins (do not use chopstick to stir bananas because it will make banana be mashed)  
- Add 2000ml water into a pot and boil water, then add 200g Non dairy creamer, stir until powder dissolve well
- Add sweet potatoes and tapioca powder into solution, boil until sweet potatoes and tapioca powder cooked
- Put bananas into mixture, boil 10 mins until bananas cooked
- When the banana sweet soup was finished, you can enjoy it directly or put in fridge to enjoy cold, and do not forget spinkle roasted peanut on surface before enjoy.
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