-    850ml sweet pasteurized milk or sweet sterilized milk
-    15g vegetable oil powder Golden Cream or non dairy
     creamer Vina Creamer
-    100g sugar
-    2 boxes of yoghurt have sheft life within 15 day from
     manufactured date
-    Heating 850ml milk to 50oC (note: stir well to avoid burning)
-    Adding vegetable oil powder Golden Cream/ non dairy
     creamer Vina Creamer, sugar into solution above and
     stirring until disolve
-    Heating to 95oC in 5 minutes (note: stir well to avoid
-    Cooling down to 45oC
-    Adding 2 boxes of yoghurt and stir well
-    Incubating at 45oC in warm water in 4 – 5 hours
-    Cooling in frozen water in 2 hours
-    Breaking the curd
-    Filling into the bottles
-    Storage at 4oC least 24 hours and enjoy
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