Ice cream

- 200g Non dairy creamer (Vina Creamer, A Creamer or Golden Cream)
- 250ml fresh milk
- 80g sugar
- ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
- 400ml water

 - Put freezing bowl of ice cream maker in freezer of refrigerator at least 12 hours before making ice cream
 - In large bowl, stir non dairy creamer and sugar together
 - In large bowl, heat 400 ml water up to 70oC, then pour above mixture into hot water slowly, stir non dairy creamer to dissolve absolutely.
 - Pour fresh milk and stir well
 - Add vanilla and stir 1 minute
 - Cool mixture at ambient temperature
 - Put mixture into refrigerator 0 – 4oC, remain 4 hours
 - Transfer mixture to ice cream maker, turn on machine about 20 minutes until mixture increases volume and becomes thicker
 - Transfer ice cream into boxes and enjoy

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